Richard Meyrick Guitars

I had such a fantastic day filming and chatting with the very talented Richard Meyrick Guitars about his craft and guitar making passions for this project. Sifting through endless 4K 60fps footage of Richards process made the edit a joy to put together too.

If you’re looking for some promotional videos to showcase your business – do get in touch!

Hand made in the heart of Monmouthshire, nestled among the welsh hills, Meyrick Guitars are crafted by hand, and built from sustainably sourced wood, Richard builds each guitar specifically for the customer ensuring that the sound and feel is a perfect fit! Specialising in building Acoustic and Electric guitars, his workshop is also fully equipped to deal with any repairs, setups or restorations as well as modifications that you may need or desire for a fretted stringed instrument.Richard also offers, 1 to 1 or small group workshops where you can learn how to build your very own guitar, with Richards expert guidance you will be able to pick his brain and create something you can really call your own! You even get to put your name on it! With a full range of skills, Richard is the only person you need to talk to about your fretted stringed instrument!


Paths – a short film

Paths is the second instalment in Stephen and I’s ’12 Hour Films’ series. It was written, shot, scored and edited in a 12 hour timeframe.

We’ll be honest, we’re not entirely sure what this one is… but we do know we had a right hoot making it.

With that in mind, shifting the focus of filmmaking away from creating the most ideal finished product and moving it more towards finding immense gratification in the process itself is the very reason we started this challenge the first place – and so far its been a top laugh, so that’s nice! Anyway, here’s to another one!

Again, we hope you at least enjoy some of it.


Atoms – a short film

Myself & Stephen set ourselves the challenge of creating a short film in 12 hours, in a bid to shift the focus from talking about making films together to actually doing so.

Within 12 hours Atoms was written, shot, scored and edited.

What began as a late night conversation on a patio ultimately became this playfully poignant little doozy *description pending feedback*.

So with that being said, we hereby present to you ‘Atoms’. The first in our new ’12 Hour Films’ series.

We hope you enjoy at least some of it.